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The Domestication of Whites

Wild dogs tend to be aggressive. Domesticated animals will approach humans and be obedient. The odd thing is that this domestication usually changes their appearance due to similar gene changes being involved (usually pointed ears become drooped, the animals will have a different color fur which is usually more of a red or else spotted like black and White spots, straight tails turn curly and usually get shorter etc.). The same change happens in different species when domesticated (or similar changes) whether it be a cow, cat, dog, fox etc.

This domestication of the genes seems to have a relation to human beings.
It may be related to the European peasant and his dependence mode. A dog for example will love his master even when the master beats him. Only in extreme circumstances turn on him. Most dogs will starve to death or die at the hands of a bad master. The dogs always crave love and approval from a master and are very sad not to be around them. They always follow, always docile and so on with rare exceptions.

Now look at the European peasant. He always needs to be told what to do, what to believe etc. He will work for the interests of others even when it doesn’t benefit him. He is totally gullible and trusts authority or other people without question with only few exceptions. And they physical appearance of the Euro-peasant is quite unique compared to other humans (but may have some relation to Asian peasants).

You may be aware that “Elf” means “White”.
Elves are actually symbolic of Nordic ancestors. There is actually a genetic disease that causes “elfin” syndrome thought to be related to genetic changes that occur in domesticated species. Those with elfin syndrome are characterized as being abnormally trusting and gullible, abnormally friendly, craving human contact, less intelligent, extremely altruistic (always doing for others), stupidly happy all the time etc.

In a word they tend to be the exact model of a European peasant.

Interestingly the lack of a nose bridge is one characteristic (long nose bridges, crooked noses etc. tend to be associated with predators and nobility.). Elfin syndrome is also associated with lighter hair and eyes!!!

We must therefore speculate that the domestication process that created the European peasant is nearly identical to the process that turned the wolf into the gentle dog
and the mighty wild bull into the docile dairy cow among other examples. These changes in character seem to manifest in a “different” appearance between the tame domesticated beast and the wild one.

It must be noted: a person can raise a tiger cub and the cub may become attached to the human, friendly and so on. It is tame, but not domesticated. The cub may still act aggressively on occasion, its children will be just as wild as any and so on. Domestication is actually a genetic process that causes a predisposition towards friendliness, tameness, trust, obedience and so on. A domesticated animal can also go “feral” living in the wild acting somewhat wild, but still will easily go back to tameness under the right conditions. Feral animals may also be too quick to trust at times as well.

Domestication is not the same as elfin syndrome. What it involves is similar changes in the same genes or similar genes thus we see similar effects. We can speculate this tameness is great for a nation. There is less worry about crime and so on. But these peasants are incapable of looking after their own interests and also will get eaten alive when mixed with the more “wild” species of man. I remember some Hitler quote about taking the tame German and breeding him back into a predator. It seems to ring true in light of all this.


The Importance of Team Work

Success is contingent upon the society we live in. Success is a team effort. This is the whole basis of the Hraftzer community. However, many people do not seem to comprehend that. Let us explain and clarify what it means to be Hraftzer.

Religion is about 85% instinct. Logic and education will have only the smallest effect on someone’s instincts. This is why it is a waste of our time to try to argue too much with people who are not like us.

Most White people come from peasant ancestry and thus have peasant instincts.
Peasants never organized themselves into groups. This was because they never had to think or lead themselves in any way. They simply did what they were told. This domesticated blood influences the habits and impulses of the majority of Whites today.

There are many successful Whites out there with genes superior to our own. Yet their philosophy is inferior.
The reason is they never felt under threat by society. So they have dedicated their mental energy to getting a job, to an education and so forth. Because many of us have lived in the harshest conditions, we have evolved towards developing a better life strategy and to building a superior culture. As such, even though many upper-class Whites have better genes, we have the better culture! Principally because these Whites were largely raised in the primitive culture handed down to them for thousands of years by the largely peasant population.

This is how even highly successful people can benefit from Hraftzer culture, because it still represents an improvement. The average person does not have the interest or focus to change their culture. It takes the living hell myself and others like me have went through in life to have the burning desire to make the change and to devote huge amounts of resources to building something better.

This is relevant because I have had one of my fellow Hraftzers say that even wealthy White people seem defective. In some cases they are, but generally these wealthy white people have better instincts than I do. Yet they are weak because they were raised in a relatively easy and non challenging environment. They never had to fight for their life. They never felt under threat or in serious danger. Their lives weren’t so bad that they spent a huge amount of time learning about social policy.

And when they do learn about culture, social policy and so on it usually is the wrong one! This is because they study about society in books. Whereas people like me live in the poverty and learn about society from experiencing it. This makes me an expert on it even if I’m not as smart as others, I still have a superior knowledge. Some people are experts in chemistry, others expert engineers, I’m an expert on culture and social policy.

Not all wealthy and successful people will have an interest in Hraftzer.
At least not at first. Yet some of them might see the benefit and logic to this system. One their children are raised in a better culture (rather than the degenerate Christian or Marxist culture) those children will be able to form a new people who are more successful than what exists today.

One of the problems today is that it is hard to argue with someone who is very wealthy and successful and tell them that society is a failure and that their culture is a failure. “I’m doing good” they say. But their beliefs, policies and actions cause a rise in crime, a spread of failure etc. that will eventually catch up to them. It’s hard to care about such things when you are wealthy. As more and more very smart and talented people fall into poverty then there will be a larger number of people who are likely to become Hraftzer. The poor and stupid are not likely to understand Hraftzer nor do we want them. The rich and smart mostly are unconcerned with Hraftzer. The poor and intelligent are the most likely candidates (and those born and raised Hraftzer).

The other thing I encounter is rampant individualism: “Well you don’t really need to work in a team to get ahead”. This is something that the “elites” really spoon feed the masses, because they want to keep us as slaves.

We all should use our own judgment in life the best we can and take responsibility in our own lives! I always remain skeptical and use my own knowledge and the experiences of my group to determine what is true and best for me. At some point it becomes useless “teaching” this ideology. It should be instinct. I simply need to focus on gathering people with a similar character to my own because we will be more successful. That’s why we say Hraftzer is not a belief so much as it is an ethnos.

Cornerstones of Hraftzer Asatru Belief

1) We all are parts of a whole. We all depend on our entire community to survive and exist.

2) Discipline is better than seeking immediate pleasures. Self-control is best. If I eat all the cake and candy I want now, I may become sick later. It makes more sense to practice self-control and balance.

3) Morality makes us stronger, both as individuals and as a community. This involves all the Nine Virtues and the Code of Nine among others.

4) Ignorance is the cause of the majority of suffering.
Knowledge and logic will eliminate suffering. Even if we go into some very abstract scenarios such as asking the question: “What if there is some misfortune or pain that is unavoidable even with all the wisdom in the world?” I believe truly that our lack of true contentment comes from our ignorance, but even when we do suffer our wisdom makes it easier for us to cope with it. We find a deeper joy and strength that supercedes any temporary pain.

5) Self-responsibility.
This is discussed throughout Hraftzer literature. Each person must pull his own weight. His value derives from his abilities and actions, and he must receive his reward and punishment according to his deeds.

6) Pride in work. Enjoy work. Don’t do it grudgingly only because you need money. For example, if I am wealthy I would spend time exercising, growing a garden (even if I could simply buy the food), helping others etc. The work is beneficial to the soul. A lot of times today, people also don’t do enough manual labor such as building a house or working a garden; some small amount of this is healthy.

7) Love is our strength.

Differences in Altruistic Tendencies

Probably one of the most striking things I realized in my life was the difference in altruistic tendencies of people. There were two main types of people I met in my world: Givers and Takers. Many people were parasites. They really have no consideration or love for anyone else but they use the terms love and consideration to get others to give to them. They usually like to portray themselves in a sorry state to gain more sympathy. They like to destroy people, kick them when they are down for no reason. The more they can tear down others and cause their misery and failure the better they look by comparison. They like to stand next to uglier people to look better. They thus love degeneracy, failure and are always the ones who want to hand out to the lowest of society.

Some more successful parasites would be ruthless. Like a business owner who would ask his employees to give more and more. If I’m poor and have nothing they may offer me $1 to do $1,000,000 worth of work and say “well $1 is better than having nothing I’m helping you.”. If I’m rich then they will offer me $10 to do $10,000 worth of work and say “You have plenty of wealth anyway, so you don’t need to be paid. Have sympathy on me it’s the right thing to do” there is always some kind of “justification” or excuse to be parasitical in these people’s minds.

The second lot of people are the Givers. They are the ultimate victims.
They let other people use them. I would work at a job for 40 hours and get paid 35 hours. Everyone else at the job would be similarly cheated. No one would put up any significant fight over the mistreatment. People would get robbed and not fight back, cheated, etc. People would use them in every sort of way and often use sympathy and such to get free handouts from the Givers. People will borrow money from the Givers and never pay it back. Ask for this favor or that and promise that we are all in this together, but usually just suck the giver dry until he has nothing else to give.

Some givers never give to charity but get sucked dry at their work or some other source because they are losers and not capable of doing better they must just take orders and eat shit to have anything in life. Many Christians become givers. They always help others and have nothing for themselves. Their wives cheat on them, their children disrespect them, their neighbors throw trash at their house and still they give to all these people.

Most average people are somewhere in the middle. Both winners and losers, both givers and takers. So we must keep that in mind. But one will either be mostly one or the other. A taker also gives when he sees someone much worse off than himself usually. But he often does this because he sees it in his own self interest. “You and me are both losers. We are in this together” he might say. And so on.

The problem I see with this is that the healthy individual is not a Giver or a Taker but an Altruistic being. The problem with being a Giver is that you are inviting in parasites if you act that way. If someone doesn’t pay you back you should never give to them again. And possibly break their legs or take them to court or something. That would be a healthy attitude “I’ll help people but if they don’t give back or pay their debts they will never get anything from me again”. The problem with the takers is also obviously they don’t care about others.

One problem also is that even if you are a healthy person in this society the Takers will just use you and move on to the next person, then a new taker will arrive. There are nearly limitless people in society so if you give to someone then never give to him again once he mistreats you then still you will be used. Thus in order to be a healthy altruistic individual you need to be oriented around a small scale, local community. This is your “kindred”, your “clan” or your extended “family” however you want to think of it, no more than a few hundred people, no less than perhaps twenty people.

I ask many people about the discrimination, lack of opportunity, harassment, violent attacks etc. I suffered from solely for being White. Most don’t care. The same people who guilt trip Whites about racism against others could care less when it happens to Whites. So I don’t believe all the lies they speak about equality and caring about others. I see they look out for their own self interests and don’t care about me. Whites are easily guilt tripped plain and simple that’s why it is used against us, it’s not used out of any genuine consideration of fairness. It’s a selfish tool. “Feel guilty- now give to me!”.

Then they may resort to threatening me to look out for the interests of non-whites! I must look out for myself first and foremost and secondly be a responsible citizen in society, which generally means respecting all people. Most Whites do a good job of respecting others, but a bad job of singling out the one disrespectful person and saying “get out!”. This is often because of culture though- most of us are too afraid because we live in a society that does not accept intolerance. However by being part of a Hraftzer society we can avoid some of the pain and suffering that comes from tolerating the parasites though. But often we are made to feel guilty if we favor our own kind or want to be around other Whites or have some interest in our heritage. This is nonsense, we should be free to associate with whom we choose.

The reality is though as we evolve as WINNERS and Altruistic beings we need to concern ourselves less with people who share our skin color and more with our “family”. The fact is we can’t regulate people outside our clan. If they are degenerate, then that is how they are. Then if people are part of an honorable “family” they get our respect. If that clan has one member that is dishonorable who they tolerate then the whole clan is trash and not to be dealt with!

I get upset because I am victimized for being White. Whites as a group are failures in that they are Givers – they allow themselves to be abused and willingly help others to the point of detriment to their own kind. So on the one hand I stand up for “Whites” simply because I am in this group and would like to no longer be denied fair treatment because I’m White. On the other hand I hate Whites because they cause their own problems.

But in society our race matters much less than our family, our clan and our immediate surroundings. People will treat you with respect if you earn respect. We need to come together into groups and communities that say “we are not White. We are better than Whites. We don’t take the abuse from parasites or anyone else. We are Hraftzer”. Eventually people will learn not to disrespect and abuse your group because they see that your group does not tolerate it.

That is the difference between Hraftzer philosophy and a typical racist for example. Racists are much like the Communist, Socialists and other losers out there. People worry about race because they are in the wrong mindset. The loser mindset. I used to worry about race because I was young and had not evolved my ideas to a higher level. But most racists are stuck on that same level without ever improving themselves.

“I am failing because I’m White. I have a hard life because I’m White. White’s aren’t treated right. The nation needs to do more for me.” and so on. When people become winners, they think less about the race because they realize many of their race are weak and holding them back. They start to think: “I’m a success because what I did (or my family; or my community – that is people they have a close relationship with and is an exclusive group). I have a good life because I accomplished something (or my life is not good enough because I am not doing enough). I make people treat me properly (or if they don’t treat me properly then I need to find better people to surround myself with). I take an active role in my community and my group. I don’t tolerate weakness in my community”

And this is one reason I am involved in Hraftzer, so I can form a group of better people and surround myself with winners who have a common interest in life. One should understand the “folk” and “race” is not the same (though sometimes I use race to mean a folk). A race should be properly translated as “ancestry”. That’s all it is. A folk are a community with standards (thus the losers and non-conformists are not part of this), they have common blood, and they have a common culture or vision of life. Thus we can see the “racists” need to start thinking “folkish” if they are to be successful in life. In fact the only rational form of racism is folkism.

The average racist is much like a Communist in that he accepts everybody within his chosen ethnic or racial standards. Anybody with white skin or the same nationality (in the sense of nation-state) as him is his brother no matter how much a loser he is. This is not how a winner thinks. A winner says “I don’t tolerate weakness in myself or any others. I will spit out that which is not good enough”. Normal racism and Hraftzer are mutually incompatible.

One of the problems with most healthy people is that we tend to assume other people are like us.
Because I’m an honest person I assume other people are honest. Because I have a good heart and I would never betray someone, use them, mistreat them, hurt them without reason etc. I assume others will not do that as well. Often my assumptions are wrong, because I live in a society that has very few standards or expectations among people. Some groups have strong family instincts (which generally Germanics need to evolve a middle ground altruism that still regards the whole but is more family-centric), yet their regard still centers around self and the selfdom often becomes an “us” vs. “them” mentality. Thus many low class people are racists because they feel its “Blacks” vs. “Whites” and so on.

One good example of the effects of Altrusim is Israel. To be true Israel is primarily composed of the lower elements of the Jewish race, whereas higher elements mostly live in the U.S. and West Europe. These successful Jews send money etc. to subsidize a Jewish state where many are parasitical. Israel still benefits from a relatively high average I.Q. (98), one of the most highly educated populations, and so on. But Israel retains third world altruistic tendencies on average. In the event that any average Jew is asked to give the slightest concessions for the good for the nation (such as move to a different location) riots, violence, protests, non-compliance occurs. The average Israeli has his hand out when time to receive and fists clenched when time to give.

In predominately Germanic nations, such concessions are usually given willingly for regard of others. Even the lowest Germanic peasant is typically more altruistic than many other groups. The majority of non-whites and a large portion of lower class Whites have a sense of justice that “what benefits me is good”. Most moral Whites rather think in terms of “what benefits society is good” or “giving everyone fair and equal treatment is good”.

But as pointed out above they often are just as flawed in that they are Givers – Victims. What we call human cattle. They work selflessly for the good of others to the point of not defending their own interests and survival in this world.

Germanics are also flawed in that they have an overly strong regard for authority and often will obey authority to the point of being illogical. They need strong rules, to be led, they need collective actions. They need to be told what to do and what to think. Hraftzers know what to do to look out for our own interests and that of our group even when severed from the group or some central command.

One interesting difference is that in the U.S., England, Germany etc. in times of war people give up high paying careers and willingly volunteer for military duty. They are eager to fight for their “leader”. In Israel for example, military duty must be forced on them. Slavs and Eastern Europeans often need to be similarly forced to make sacrifices. Germany, however, also has instituted forced military enrollment, but this often takes less force from the government and is seen more as something everyone should willingly do as a social duty.

Though again the Germanic willingness to fight for a nation, leader etc. seems to be a fault.
They will fight for a leader who cares nothing about them. I look around in the United States and I always see the most patriotic people are the mostly Germanic rednecks. They love this country, will fight and die for it, they don’t tolerate people disrespecting it etc. But what is the country? It’s just lines on a map and political leaders. There is not much of a cultural or racial bond that makes one an American.

What’s more, the leaders of the country often don’t care about the rednecks.
A leader could come about that eats redneck babies for dinner and many rednecks will still fight and die protecting this leader. So obviously it is a good thing to have a sense of social duty but this sense of social duty should be reigned in by common sense.

What we see actually manifesting in the lower classes is their true instinct.
Most non-Germanics have a naturally selfish instinct. This instinct may be over ridden by culture (they act like others in order to ‘fit in’) and it can also be over ridden by their logical mind if they are disciplined enough. So the high I.Q. well mannered Aryan does not act as extreme in his patriotism because his logical mind knows it isn’t rational.

Similarly the well mannered high I.Q. Jew or Black and so on will act very similar. However in the more defective members of their race who are stripped of greater intelligence and self control the more base and primitive aspects of their nature come forth. In the Aryan: an uncontrolled sense of altruism and in most non-Aryan species an uncontrolled sense of selfishness or family/gang loyalty with little regard to the greater populace.

It is actually superior to have a sense of Altruism as one’s baseline instinct rather than selfishness.
However most Whites and Germanics today are degenerate so their lack of high intelligence, self control etc. causes them to break out into unrestrained altruism which doesn’t benefit them. Also many lower class Whites have degenerated into selfish behavior. We can’t generalize a group and say that all members conform to this generalization, only that the majority of them do.

We should simply be aware of altruism and invest in relationships with others who are also givers and select people who are givers in our community.
We also should realize this is why guilt works on Whites. Non-whites often have less regard for others, less of a sense of social duty. Thus tales of the suffering of Whites hardly moves them. Whereas many Whites when they hear about the suffering of another want to poke a hole in their neck and let the poor invalid suck the nourishment straight from their veins.

I’m sure that many modern Marxists/Liberals will read these statements and scream how “racist” they are.
It is racist to make common sense observations that one group is different from another in some way. I can not be forced into accepting something that is irrational and self destructive from fear of being attacked. I have lived my whole life in poverty, crime, and other filth because I live around irrational and totally destructive people. These people are self destructive and often blame others for their situation. As soon as I start doing better, or appear more intelligent they want to make problems for me. When I worked at a job and was the best worker they had, I would get harassed and mistreated. I started working at jobs and playing stupid while I go to work. I get treated better. I just realized the people are jealous and feel threatened by my ability.

The thing is they destroyed their own business, and lowered their own pay checks by acting this way. If they would have treated me with respect and been able to work as a team profits would have been higher and more work would get done with less effort. But they are too stupid and flawed for this kind of thinking. Instead they get offended “he thinks he’s better then us. We’ll show him”. I try telling them it’s not a war but a job. Our goal should be to make money and enrich the company as much as possible, not harass each other and make each other’s lives miserable.

They don’t understand this. The boss thinks if the worker doesn’t go home tired then something is wrong. He feels the worker should hate his job and be tortured and so forth. They want to tear everyone down to their level or below it. In the same way the society I live in all the way up to the highest level- political correctness is just a desire to strike down anybody that rises above the rest or tries to do a little better. In the long run by destroying all progress in society as a whole every loser will also starve. It is only by virtue of those who reject these values that any sustainable society has emerged.

So I cannot live in fear of being politically correct because live in greater fear of the consequences of political correctness. Those consequences would be store shelves that are stripped bear of food (resulting in starvation), neighbors shooting and killing each other, massive crime, poverty, filth, disease etc. Or in other words a replica of the most liberal (Communist) places on earth but rather on a greater scale. What I mean to say is that Communist Russia, the American Inner-city ghettos and so forth but on a national or global scale. I have lived in these types of places and that life style scares me far more than the politically correct police. Hopefully those politically correct types will wake up and see that they are killing themselves with their own non-sense. But I don’t have time to worry about them, I must worry about myself and my own survival.

“The Jews”

“It’s all the Jew’s fault. They loan people money on usury and financially cripple others. They are sneaky and dishonest. It’s their fault our society is on the verge of destruction!!”

Most people tend to work in their own interest, which can work against the interest of others at times and in the interest of others at other times. I consider it natural for any group to put their own family and group’s interest ahead of others. People make money by giving out loans at interest but it’s a voluntary thing! Non-Jews do it too! So if you take out a bunch of loans and can’t pay them back and go broke you blame the bank? No you should blame yourself! You voluntarily of your own free will made bad decisions. Maybe your family should educate you on what to do right next time! If someone exploits your stupidity, only a small amount of blame lies with them.

Loans are invaluable to those who know how to use them responsibly. Anti-Semitism usually involves not taking responsibility for your own weaknesses. This is the same line of thought that blames the gun for a person’s death rather than the guy who pulled the trigger! Jews are also rejected because they remain a unique people and reject “Jesus”. I reject Jesus too. Since when does conformity to the dead weight of the dumb masses make right?

Our philosophy is “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. I don’t support dishonesty but I’m saying don’t hate because you are tricked easily or too gullible.

If you are a little baby that needs to be taken care of and you cry whenever someone does better than you and you hate them because of it, then yes, anti-Semitism is for you. I am very racially motivated, but not by hate. Our emphasis should be on making our own selves stronger, rather than tearing others down. It doesn’t mean we should tolerate criminal activity carried out by individuals of a race. It doesn’t mean we have to do business with or accept people who we don’t trust or like. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fight against negative influence that other folk may have on us. Simply, hating an entire race seems counter-productive.

Admittedly there is some merit though that a lot of Jewish intelligence is harnessed towards destructive/competitive ends rather than constructive things that uplift humanity. Nonetheless the solution there would be to do better than the Jew, not to hate him and blame him for your own people’s shortcomings.

I admit also because Jews whine and moan and make up false stories doesn’t mean we should give in to their demands. I’m not saying to let people walk all over you, but rather to be reasonable about your reactions to them. Does your desire to attack them stem from some flaw, weakness, or shortcoming inherent within you?

“Supreme Aryan Genes”

The American Psychological Association has concluded that the racial IQ gap is not the result of a simple bias in the content or administration of tests, and the tests are equally valid predictors of achievement for Americans of all races. Various books and studies tend to show roughly the same results in racial averages for I.Q.: Ashkenazi Jews: 112, East Asian: 106, White: 100, Black: 85. This also reflects on the American family income by ethnic group as a percentage of the national average (from Thomas Sowell’s “Markets and Minorities” which cites the US Bureau of the Census and the National Jewish Population Study)

In my own experience, the majority of non-Jewish White people I meet are not very smart.
They might be good citizens, have an impressive physical appearance etc. but the intelligence is not there. The personality is also lacking. Most Aryans need to be told what to do and naturally gravitate towards a slave-like existence of doing some form of manual or purely technical labor where some “master” does all the thinking for them. This probably is because 90% of Whites come from European peasants who did little more than take orders.

Jews & East Asians are on average more successful than Whites.
I know this may not sit well with some people. I have grappled with this myself. The simple fact is that I very rarely meet an intelligent White person who I think can truly succeed in the modern world. Most people I meet who are similar to me in philosophy, intelligence etc. are East Asians and Jews.

The Self-Enslaving Aryan

For years I spoke about how most White people give to others without helping themselves. Then I came across this recently in ‘Mein Kampf’ (Manheim translation),

“People liked the German because he was easy to make use of, but respected him little, precisely because of the weakness of his will”

It also spoke of how German education created “walking encyclopedias” but did not produce people who could think and lead. The majority of poor people in America are White, the majority of the money to help the poor goes to the non-whites. When I would look for a job, I would often be the most qualified, but get passed over in favor of a non-white.

Or more often we both would get the job and the non-white would need to do only a little work, whereas I would need to do twice the work for the same pay. This was expected of me as in most work places this was the role of Whites: to work and enrich everyone else but himself. Asians, Jews, Blacks, every non-white seems to get good jobs and high positions. They get special help from the government and from their families and communities.

Why? Many White racists blame “the Jews” or non-whites. It’s really the White people who make this reality. If Jews were such clever leaches, why aren’t they going into China and getting special treatment in China? Why is it only the White person who gets shit on in this world? Because Whites are causing their own abuse. If the Black doesn’t get what he or she wants then the Black will scream, yell, fight, possibly burn down the city. A healthy society would not tolerate this rude behavior.

But the average White wants to enrich everyone, even if it’s at his own expense. He lacks any real manly virtue of standing up for his own needs so will give into the screaming ape. If Asians have trouble finding a job, they help each other. Jews help each other. Whites tell their own people “you need to make it on your own” or “you don’t deserve success”.

When a non-white came home and said “I was passed over for my job in favor of a less qualified person of another race”, immediately the family is stirred to anger. They protest, complain and fight. They call up groups that represent and protect their racial interests. Their family protects their family. If a typical Germanic or Northwest European (French, Irish etc.) does the same thing, usually his family will say “you are just making excuses. If you were good enough they would have hired you” and even if they accept it as true they will just put on a frown and whine about how bad they have it. Whenever adversity strikes his family and race, the Nordic says “We all need to take care of ourselves. I can’t help you” but when a non-white or severely defective White needs help, he gives it out freely!

Some may ask if non-whites are so good at helping each other why are White nations wealthy? I’m not saying these groups are superior in every way, but only that within White societies, or racially mixed societies they have the advantage of helping their own kind, whereas Whites do not.

What Is Asatru?

Ásatrú is an Old Norse compound derived from Asa, which refers to the Æsir, (one of the two families of gods in Norse mythology), and trú, literally “troth” or “faith”. Thus, Ásatrú is the “Æsir’s faith.” The Aesir derive from two basic meanings.

The first meaning – they represent astrological forces (the seven primary planets). This is because all ancient cultures held astrology as the highest science, because it was involved in predicting the correct times to plant and harvest, as well involved in predicting eclipses and other odd phenomena, along with predicting the magickal influence of energy (“light”) from the heavenly bodies, which could help predict changes in human society. These heavenly forces were also harvested in the form of talismans and other actions to help consciously benefit human beings on earth. Thus the Astrologers were the “wizards” (wise ones) of old. Asa stems from a word meaning “the heavens”.

The second meaning of Asa is that it relates to Aryan culture. The Aryans believed themselves to be sons of the stars and Heavens. They were angels of light. The light of their minds were related to the spiritual light of the seven plantets. The Asa were the gods of the Aryans and not the gods of any other race. In Zoroastrianism the aša (also known as Asha) is considered the basic concept of truth associated with their highest God. The Persians who founded Zoroastrianism in ancient times were an Aryan subgroup (though they may have become mixed race over time, they were at least culturally Aryans, otherwise known as Indo-Europeans). Zoroastrianism in turn greatly influenced the development of Christianity. Asa means the correct order of the cosmos. We use the term Asa to mean Aryan and the Asa-troth or Asatru to be the followers of Aryan culture. Not everybody may define Asatru in this way but this is how we define it.

Germany: “Standards are Discrimination”

[quote]Many of you know I am an advocate of open borders. I simply do not believe there should be any restriction on immigration or emigration. That, however, does not mean I don´t believe in societies having strong cultural norms. I believe people have the right to associate as they please or chose not to associate. The idea that you must associate with someone because they have the same birth place or passport is to me offensive. The idea that you can treat someone differently because of the government papers they carry or do not carry is equally offensive.

I am all for discrimination. I should be able to choose who I discriminate against. I discriminate against people all the time. So do you. I just have my own criteria when it comes to my discrimination; collectivists, American Idol viewers, anyone who wears square toed shoes, pedantic zealots, men who do not deadlift, women who try to be more manly than men, men who get manicures, women with hairy legs, anyone who does not read a book a month….the list goes on and on. I also believe in your right to discriminate even should you choose to discriminate against literate yet rugged men of the world who trend towards sophisticated conversation, sartorial splendor and anarchism. That would be your choice. Your poor choice but I believe it is yours to make.

The idea of discriminating based on race, sex, religion or sexual proclivity is just stupid. But so is the idea that you can discriminate based on nationality. And that is what lies at the heart of Germany´s failure and the failure of the United States as well.

The failure lies in the acceptance of two ideas. The first is that the State is responsible for providing for its citizens and the second is that nationality determines culture. It does not. A culture determines a society and a civil society provides for the community. The German culture existed long before there was a German nation state. Germany the nation state is a relatively new concept yet Germanic traits and cultural norms have been around for much longer. Yes the Bavarians are different from their countrymen in Hamburg and both differ from the Prussians but there is a shared and overlapping culture that determines cultural identify far more than a passport. Germans believe in order, thrift, prudence and hard work. They sweep their sidewalks every day and they take traffic laws seriously. They believe above all else in conformity. Adoption of the culture is as important as adoption of citizenship.

A society is not a government. A culture is not linked to nationality. But welfare or ¨socialhilfe¨ checks are. […] For nearly two centuries that was one of the lessons of America. The most successful Americans were the ones who looked beyond the petty and chose to discriminate where it mattered. Discriminating against the lazy and the dumb was an American virtue. Prejudice was found in abundance. A prejudice towards industry, self reliance, hard scrabble hustle and cleverness and against any form of entitlement be it aristocracy, nobility or government monopoly was central to the success of the American experiment. This all started to crumble when nation states became the provider rather than communities. When a community was the social safety net the sick and lame were taken care of but the lazy were ostracized until they changed their ways or moved on. Being ¨on the dole¨ was embarrassing and short lived. Now virtual bread lines and direct deposit unemployment payments go on unnoticed. This system attracts the lazy and those without any cultural aversion to a handout regardless of their place of birth or ethnicity.[/quote]

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The Trinity of Folk: A Common Community, Ancestry, and Culture

This is one of the core Hraftzer concepts, from which all others stem.

Hraftzer Asatru is an ethnic religion. This does not mean we are trying to stick to the ethnic makeup, traditions and values of a specific existing people or ethnicity. We see race as a practically useless construct in today’s global world. People simply use race today to classify people different from themselves, mostly because usually they lack any real ethnic identity in this genetically diverse society.

Almost all of human society today lacks roots.
Technology and modern culture and nations have changed everyone’s way of life from their ancestors. The nations are run differently, the culture is different. Modern racists are fools. Race doesn’t exist anymore. They cling to the remnants of different ancestry in various groups of society which is quickly fading.

Instead, Hraftzer concept of ethnicity is one with specific standards.
It is mainly about teaching people about roots and how to rebuild those roots. Rebuild local communities, rebuild clans, rebuild a knowledge of your ancestors, rebuild cultures. Hraftzer Asatru is about true diversity.

The truth is, a race without a distinct culture has little chances to survive and evolve as such.
Race alone is but a purely biological concept. We thus rather think in terms of folk. A folk is a human group that exists through the combination of a common ancestry (blood), a common culture and a living community. The combination of the three is what defines an ethnicity. Hraftzer Asatruar are a such group of related people with specific qualities that see themselves as an emerging ethnicity.

Person of any race but without the culture that corresponds best to this race and without a community has no identity. Some try to compensate for this by trying to stick to outdated folk customs and traditions and revive them. What we see today is that over time it is likely that most current races will mix and create a more uniform population and the concept of race itself will probably become more and more useless. What will survive are ethnic, folkish groups with a viable culture and community, revolving around a certain blood.

Therion – Enter Vril-Ya

One of the best Therion songs!