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About us

The modern man sighs in dismay. The stench of crime, poverty and failure permeate a decaying system. Most people can sense that something is wrong with society but they can’t quite come up with a concrete solution. Some of us may get discouraged: “I am but one man with limited power, what is the point of changing myself when I must live in a corrupt world?”

Hraftzer is a life system based on the Asatru faith that explains how to obtain this ordered and balanced way of life. It pertains both to society as a whole and to the individual in his own life. It teaches us how we can survive and thrive in any environment.

Hraftzer Asatru stands in stark contrast to the modern degenerate culture of the West. It is in many ways the opposite of cultural Marxism and “Neo-Liberalism”. It is adapted for a community of people who come from a Germanic, Northwest European heritage.

Yet it is not the same as some older Germanic cultures of the past. It should be understood that our culture is distinctly Hraftzer. Some aspects of our culture may seem from an outside influence, adapted for Germanic people from other successful peoples and cultures.

Literature seldom persuades people. Logic seldom causes great change in society. Therefore we realize the need to produce change through a living community of people and an active commitment to our beliefs. Primarily we seek a culture and philosophy that reflects our own race and people. Most of outside successful philosophies will have a lot in common with Hraftzer, but we are rooted in our own culture which we understand best.

Though Hraftzer is an ethnic, folkish culture, it does not have room for racial exclusion. Faced with a society that seems to believe in degeneracy, failure, and self-destruction, any human being in society who wishes to reject this culture of failure and death can embrace the Hraftzer culture of life.

Warning: This blog may contain discussions about racial and ethnic differences and could be offensive to some people. Every existing racial group and whole parts of society are criticized throughout the text. If you can’t personally handle criticism you should probably not read this blog.

Most racists will not like Hraftzer culture though, because it is not extreme enough for them. It is not about hating, fighting or being a loser. Many ‘normal’ people will not like it either because it has some racism in it. Only certain people will fully appreciate and understand it. But still many others may find some of our ideas useful.

We are busy living our lives. We are making money. We are socializing. We are having fun. This blog is there simply to present our ideas and lay the foundations for people who already agree with most of our beliefs and would like to join us. We are not trying to convince anyone, but rather sorting out those who are already interested.


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